Minutemen Ministries is a ministry that is passionate about reaching teenagers with the truth that Jesus saves!

Whether at home in our churches, youth groups, and Christian schools or abroad in our public schools, neighborhoods, or cities, our mission is to reach them all with the good news of Jesus Christ. Some teens need deliverance from hell, others need deliverance from vice. It doesn’t matter what they need delivering from—Jesus is the answer!


Jim Van Gelderen

Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen is a 1982 graduate of Bob Jones University. He also received an MA from BJU in 1984. Since 1984 he has traveled with the Minutemen Evangelistic Team. Jim and his wife, Rhonda, have three daughters.

Jim has been with the Minutemen Evangelistic Team since it began. He and his wife Rhonda were married in 1984 and have been travelling ever since conducting The War and the War of Special Forces.

For fourteen years (until 1998) Jim served as a staff evangelist with Bob Jones University. In addition to traveling with the Minutemen Evangelistic Team, Jim serves as the Vice President of Baptist College of Ministry, a position which he has held since 1999.

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Bobby Bosler

Bobby Bosler and his wife Abi were both raised in Christian homes and saved at young ages. Bobby was called to preach in high school and was deeply impacted by The War when it came to his home church the following summer. He attended and graduated from Baptist College of Ministry where he prepared for ministry and God confirmed his gifting as an evangelist.

He received his BA in 2008 and his MA in 2011. After six years of working with teens at Falls Baptist Church in Menomonee Falls, WI, Bobby has developed a passion for saved and unsaved teens alike. Bobby has ministered with Minutemen Ministries in varying capacities since 2005, seeing hundreds of teenagers impacted for Christ across the country. Now, he serves on staff full-time with Minutemen Ministries as the Evangelist leading The War and Cola Clash every Spring and Summer, respectively.

Bobby and Abi have been married since 2008. In December of 2011, God blessed them with their son David. In January of 2014, their daughter Eva joined the family as well.

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In 1979 Jim Van Gelderen had just come home from college when he asked his youth pastor (which happened to be his older brother Wayne) if they could have a series of tent meetings the coming summer. This had been done in the past at Jim’s home church, Marquette Manor Baptist Church in Downers Grove, IL. Pastor Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr. suggested the idea of using camp type competition they had experienced at nearby Camp Joy and then having a Gospel message to conclude. The first year it was done in conjunction with Bible school in the morning and the week for Jr. High and Sr. High teens was called Country Chaos. The competition was between the Hatfields and McCoys. In 1980 it was called Cactus Chaos and became a western theme between the Daltons and the James and Younger gang. In 1981 the program was moved to the evening and was called the Uncivil War between the Yankees and the Rebels.

In that same summer of 1981, Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen, Sr. set up a couple of meetings for his son, John Van Gelderen. He decided to turn them into the same program that had been conducted at Marquette Manor. God greatly blessed. John invited Jim to come over for one of the meetings and both young men were stirred at the teens that came and their response to the Gospel.

In 1982 after Jim Van Gelderen’s senior year of college a couple of college friends traveled with him to about ten churches conducting the Uncivil War. Although they did not really know what they were doing, the Lord blessed with many crowds over 100 and many souls saved. Jim Van Gelderen saw things he had never seen before and he saw the Gospel’s power like he had never seen. This ignited a fire in his heart to continue to move forward.

In the summer of 1983 while Jim was youth pastor at the Marquette Manor Baptist Church the decision was made to send out three teams. Jim stayed home and directed things from afar while Tim Chevalier, Juan Moreno and John Van Gelderen led teams all over the US. Marquette Manor financed the teams and lost $10,000 over the summer. Dr. Van Gelderen, Sr., Jim’s dad and the pastor of MMBC, was glad to helped birth the ministry, but knew the church could not sustain those kind of losses. He called Dr. Bob Jones III and asked if Bob Jones University would be interested in having the teams operate from there. Dr. Bob was glad for the call because there had been some talk about starting something like this, but the consensus was that the Van Gelderens were starting something and let’s see how it is going to go. Well the Lord was in it and BJU became the new home of the Minutemen Evangelistic Team. At the same time a new theme was developed called The War. The teams were Army vs. Navy. The change was due to the ministry becoming nationwide and there was a sense that a theme was needed that had nationwide appeal.

In 1984 after being married to Rhonda Cross of Greenville, SC, Jim and his new wife began traveling conducting The War (Army vs. Navy). Again, the Lord did some amazing things in that first year that the stirred the Van Gelderens concerning the power of the Gospel.

In 1994 the War of Special Forces was birthed. This adapted The War theme and program to Christian schools. Since that time Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen has primarily led that team and ministry. Its burden is not only for the evangelism of lost teens, but has added a burden to see Christian school students revived in their walk with God.

In 1998 the Minutemen Evangelistic Team became an independent ministry. The Lord burdened Jim that his was the step that was needed. Bob Jones University was extremely gracious to the ministry and assisted in their launching out. Jim has a deep appreciation for the key part BJU had in the development and nurturing of the ministry.

Over the years Mark Kittrell (1989-1991), Frank Bailey (1992-2002), Billy Ingram (2003-2007), Jonathan Barber, (2008-2013), and Mike Fisher (2008-2014) led teams in addition to Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen. Now there are several teams associated with the ministry. Jim leads the War of Special Forces in churches with Christian schools. Evangelist Bobby Bosler leads the team conducting The War each Spring semester. This program is being re-launched after a few years of not being conducted. In the summer Bobby also conducts the Cola Clash ministry. The Cola Clash team is completely financed by Baptist College of Ministry.

This is not a program driven ministry. It is theologically driven. The Lord has raised it up for such a time as this. We trust our best days are ahead!


We believe in the fundamentals of the faith as expressed in the inspired Word of God: the inspiration of both the Old and New Testaments, the creation of man by the direct act of God, the virgin birth, the vicarious atonement of Jesus Christ for our sins on the cross, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ form the dead, a literal burning Hell, the power of the Gospel to save men from sin and Hell, the rapture of the church, and the literal return of our Lord.

We reject theological liberalism and regard it as unbelief. We also reject new evangelicalism as a philosophy that is deficient at the foundation.

We are grieved at the worldliness that has infiltrated God’s people. We are concerned at the cultural demise brought about by influences such as Hollywood, the pop music culture, feminism, etc.

We are pretribulational, premillennial in our eschatology. We are dispensational in our approach to the Scriptures and, thus, believe in a literal hermeneutic when interpreting the Scirptures. We are not Calvinistic or Reformed in our views. We believe that Jesus died for all mankind and offers salvation to all. On the other hand, we do believe in the security of the believer. We also acknowledge that God is sovereign and when it comes to understanding how His sovereignty and man’s free work we rest in the truth that “his ways [are] past finding out!” (Romans 11:22).

We believe that revival is for today. We believe revival is the need of the hour in our churches and Christian schools.

We believe in the inspiration of Scipture. We believe God has preserved His Word today. We are concerned about the intellectual approaches to preservation that are found in many of the models of preservation that use the eclectic or critical text approach. We prefer the TR and MT and thus, we use only the King James Version of the Bible in our ministry.



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