Cola-Clash Week #9 Northampton, PA

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This week at Vallyview Baptist Church in Northampton, PA, we definitely experienced showers… of blessings. There has never been a Cola-Clash so thoroughly drenched with rain like we experienced this week. The Lord definitely tested our faith as we struggled with the fact that humanly speaking, nobody would want to drive to a church out in a corn field during a torrential downpour. But, that’s humanly speaking.

God broke the “box” this week by showing that He can bring people out despite buckets of rain, lightning, and thunder. Two of the three nights had to be moved inside initially due to the weather and safety concerns. However, God brought out 45, 61, and 77 teenagers each night with a total of 100 over the three nights. The last thing we wanted at start time was an empty field. Anybody driving by could logically conclude that the evening had been canceled. However, while the indoor competitions were going on, teenagers kept coming and coming. In an area where nobody could walk in or bike in, they kept on coming. God gave us a demonstration of “the Spirit and of power.”

There were 24 teenagers that accepted the Lord as their Savior this week.  The conviction each night was obvious, and the liberty in preaching was definite. Each night, we had plenty of Spirit-filled personal workers that were ready to reap in the harvest fields. God gave us fruit to His glory.

We loved working with the people here at Valleyview Baptist. They threw themselves into the work. We had plenty of help. The drivers during our recruiting times were especially helpful. Praise God for this church! We pray that God will continue this work to His glory!

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Jonathan Barber

Jonathan Barber

Jonathan Barber (@JonMBarber) is pastor of Ann Arbor Baptist Church in Michigan. Formerly, he served as Staff Evangelist of Baptist College of Ministry and the leader of the Cola Clash from 2008-2013. He, his wife Rebecca, and their growing family live in Ann Arbor, MI.