Fizz Feud Week #1 – Stillwater, OK

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We started our tour this Fall in Stillwater, OK. Our team had the privilege of ministering at Bible Baptist Church which is pastored by Pastor Wayne Hardy. Brother Jason Jett is the man that leads the youth there at Bible Baptist Church. Brother Jett truly set the stage for our team to minister there in Stillwater. His teens were not passive toward the work of the Lord, rather they were extremely active in approaching and confronting lost souls throughout our ministry there.

The first night of the Fizz Feud brought in around 90 teens, but on both the second and third night we had over 100 out for the rallies. Our team was thrilled to see over 30 decisions for Christ! However, the best part about the week was watching the teens from Bible Baptist Church get burdened about and do the work of the ministry. I could name numerous teens who came out recruiting and were very active during the competitions and especially during the invitation time. It was exciting to see teenagers taking teenagers back to the counseling room.

Here is one of many testimonies from our first week. The starting safety for the Stillwater football team asked the Lord to save him at the Fizz Feud. He said that he was new to the area and he plans on attending here at the church. Two other starters from the football team were here as well, though they said that they were saved already. Please continue to pray that God continues to give remaining fruit at Bible Baptist Church in Stillwater, OK


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