Special Forces – Canoga Park, CA

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

In the summer of 2010, I was visiting and explaining our ministry to some pastors in southern California who had Christian schools. My last meeting was with Pastor Tim Rasmussen. Since that time we have come to Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park three times. This week was a busy week, and at times, I was not sure what the Lord … Read More

Special Forces – Kansas City, MO

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

In 2013, the team’s last War of Special Forces of the year was the week before Thanksgiving at Eagle Heights Baptist Church. I remember that the last night we had freezing rain and sleet. For some reason we attempted to play one of the games outside. When we returned this year, the youth director told me that whenever he is … Read More

Special Forces – Pleasantville, IA

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

This is the first time one of our teams was at Pleasantville Baptist Church in Iowa. We were encouraged with the good spirit in the church. They have built a new building on a new location and have a great opportunity before them. It was a blessing to get to know Pastor Potter. He joined us for many of our … Read More

Special Forces – Greenville, NC

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

This is the fourth time since 2010 the team has been at Trinity Christian School in Greenville, NC and the fifth time overall. The first time I met Pastor Ken Cash was when we conducted the War of Special Forces in the 90’s while he was a youth pastor in Kinston. He has since come to be the pastor of … Read More

The War — Byron, GA

Bobby BoslerThe War Updates

Praise the Lord for giving us a great week at Hardison Baptist Church in Byron, GA, just outside of Macon. We were with the church last in 2015, but it was under a different pastor at the time. The new pastor, Lance Buckless, had heard from his church people so much of what God had done through The War last time that … Read More

Special Forces – Deltona, FL

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

Wow! What a week. We have enjoyed coming to Deltona Christian School and Faith Baptist Church now for several years every other year. It is always a blessing to labor with the Herchroders and now with Mike Foster who is an assistant there. One of the marks of the week was that there were over 50 salvation decisions and some … Read More

Special Forces – Orlando, FL

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

Over the years our team has had the privilege of laboring at Tabernacle Baptist Church and Heritage Prep with the War of Special Forces. We have enjoyed laboring with Pastor Steve Ware and the youth pastor, Markus Secrist. They have been a great blessing! This year was no exception. Pastor Ware was on a mission’s trip this year to Africa … Read More

Special Forces – Statesville, NC

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

A few weeks ago, Jamel Hamka contacted me about the team coming to his church and school to conduct the War of Special Forces. Quite a few years ago, I met Jamel doing the War of Special Forces at the church/school where he was youth pastor. I told him that we didn’t have an opening until 2019 unless he took … Read More