Special Forces — Green Bay, WI

Jim Van GelderenSpecial Forces Updates

In the year 2000 I moved to Wisconsin and began the process of becoming a Wisconsinite. Although I am still a Bears fan (having grown up in Chicago), you find the Green Bay Packers are “huge” up here. This summer I went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay for the first time. A few weeks later I was at Bay … Read More

Cola Clash — Shawano, WI

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

Supernatural. That’s really the only way to describe what happened in Shawano, WI last week. Pastor Matthew Weber, a graduate from Baptist College of Ministry planted Shawano Baptist Church a year ago. The church is growing and they are excited, but they’d never quite done an outreach like this in Shawano before. What God did blew us all away! Our … Read More

Cola Clash — New Lisbon, WI

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

We were last in New Lisbon at First Baptist Church in the Summer of 2014. Last time, we were excited at the crowd the Lord gave us. We had exceeded 100 teens in our overall attendance. This year, though our crowds were not as large overall, the Lord was definitely setting us up for some victories! Through recruiting and various … Read More

Cola Clash — Menomonee Falls, WI

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

This past week was our team’s “homecoming” week to reach out in conjunction with our home church, Falls Baptist Church. David Rains, the youth leader, and his wife, Summer, are not only excellent youth leaders, they are former team members and good friends. Much prayer preceded the week and a whole lot of work. Though our week had its definite … Read More

Cola Clash — Napoleon, MI

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

First Baptist Church of Napoleon is situated just outside of Jackson, MI and sits in the center of town. Pastor Reggie Coleman is a good friend to the ministry and has had our teams several times over the years. Each time, the team had a small amount of contacts, but many attended. However, this year was different. When we arrived and … Read More

Cola Clash — Pine City, MN

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

Five years ago in September of 2011, Abi and I were asked to come speak at Grace Baptist Church to introduce them to Baptist College of Ministry. We came and met Pastor Tim Stratton for the first time. Since then, we’ve gotten to know the family and Charlie, his son, who is a student at BCM. This last February, Pastor … Read More

Cola Clash — Downers Grove, IL

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

Marquette Manor Baptist Church is the birthplace of The War and therefore of Minutemen Ministries. Years ago, then youth pastor Wayne Van Gelderen Jr. and his brother Jim came up with an idea to reach teens with the gospel. 37 years later, the program has been repeated thousands of times! Furthermore, the church still has a heart to reach teens … Read More

Cola Clash — Sun Prairie, WI

Bobby BoslerCola Clash Updates

Cola Clash - Sun Prairie, WI

In September of 2011, my wife and I traveled to Sun Prairie, WI to present our youth evangelistic ministry to Calvary Baptist Church, pastored by Rick Bloom. Last December, their new youth directors, Dan and Karen Kahlhamer,  contact me about bringing the Cola Clash to Sun Prairie. They had attended one of our rallies elsewhere in 2014 and wanted their church to experience … Read More

The War — Ocala, FL

Bobby BoslerThe War Updates

What an encouraging week in Ocala! Last time our ministry was here, the Lord taught our team key lessons in prayer and dependence. This year, God did it again! As we began the week, the Lord burdened my heart to speak in the Wednesday evening service from 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 on God’s Comfort, His divine help in distresses—not the usual … Read More

The War — Greenville, MS

Bobby BoslerThe War Updates

Pastor Ken Burkett has pastored Greenville Bible Church for over 20 years and has hosted almost every War evangelist who has led The War—Jim Van Gelderen, Frank Bailey, Billy Ingram, and now Bobby Bosler. Though it has been a decade since The War has been to Greenville, MS, the people were no strangers to the ministry. Many of them had … Read More