Real Character Week #4 – Fort Scott, KS

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We truly had an encouraging week in the Fort Scott/ Uniontown area. The Lord gave us the opportunity to conduct our program in Uniontown Jr./ Sr. High School. The school took to the program. Our high night was 80+. We had around 25 teens ask the Lord to save them. On Sunday during the prayer meeting God was working on the hearts of our team members. That night twenty minutes before the competition began we had a little over twenty teens on the field ready to begin.

By the time that we started we had around eighty on the field. That night the invitation was given and nobody moved at first, although many raised their hand. This was odd because you could see the evident working of the Lord. Just moments before the meet was to close three boys on the back row went back for salvation. This opened the floodgates and twelve or thirteen more followed after. What a glorious way for God to show us that he is in control.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher (@MichaelFisherJr) is an evangelist out of Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA. Formerly, Mike helped pioneer our public school program, Real Character, before launching out on his own. Mike, his wife, Beth, and their growing family travel the country in evangelism.