Real Character Week #5 – Fort Scott, KS

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The final week of the tour was held at Bethel Community Church in Fort Scott, KS under Pastor Greg Stine. The church sits out in the middle of the countryside between Fort Scott and Uniontown. Despite the bareness of the area, everybody in both communities knew about the church and respected it.

No major external problems were encountered except for rain the first night of the competitions. In spite of the rain, 60 teens attended the competitions and had a great time. The attendance continued to build each night culminating with 95 in attendance the final night. Instead, the opposition for the week came in a new way. This time, it was in the realm of interpersonal conflicts, a slow response at the invitation times, and rain the first night. Regardless, God manifested His victory in 19 teens accepting Christ. Also, a solid foundation was laid for future work at Uniontown High School.

Regarding Uniontown High School, during the week Pastor Stine and Mr. Fisher approached the Uniontown public schools about the possibility of recruiting in the lunch rooms and about a possible Real Character meeting in the future. Both requests were well received. It looks like we will get a meeting in that school. Upon arriving back at Falls Baptist Church, I got a call from a friend in Kansas who  he had attended there in the past. He told me that he had been praying for the Uniontown School specifically. He was thrilled at the open door there because of his prayers. Praise the Lord, we walked into the answer of someone else’s prayers! God is good.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher (@MichaelFisherJr) is an evangelist out of Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA. Formerly, Mike helped pioneer our public school program, Real Character, before launching out on his own. Mike, his wife, Beth, and their growing family travel the country in evangelism.