Real Character Week #5 – Hodgenville, KY

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I received a call from a pastor in Kentucky three weeks prior to our arrival in Kentucky. I had never spoken to him before, but he told me that he had heard about our program through a mutual friend. The youth group consisted of four teenagers. We did not have enough time to contact the local high school about having our program into the school. However, the Lord opened up numerous opportunities for the team to enter the lunch room.

The superintendent and principal said that we were able to go to the lunch room, set up a table, and walk around the lunch room and talk to every student individually about the program. My team is in their environment when they are in the public school, so they took every opportunity that the school gave them. The principal allowed me to use his speaker system to recruit all three lunch periods filled with high school students.

The first night was low in attendance. The second night doubled and the third night tripled the first night. The Lord allowed us to see many souls come to the Lord. On the Sunday morning during our event the teen group went from four teenagers to around twelve.

We left the church with much follow up and much fruit to pray for and nurture. We are scheduled to be back in this church in 2012. We are attempting to get into the local public high school in correlation with our return meeting.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher (@MichaelFisherJr) is an evangelist out of Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA. Formerly, Mike helped pioneer our public school program, Real Character, before launching out on his own. Mike, his wife, Beth, and their growing family travel the country in evangelism.