Real Character Week #6 – Linton, IN

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Wow! What an amazing end to a great tour. Our team has been using the term “station your faith” when referring to fixing you eyes on Christ and what He has promised us in the midst of the battle at hand. It has the idea of standing on His promises regardless of your feelings. From the beginning of our last week out, this truth was still the theme of our team. We met for prayer and asked for God to bring at least seventy teenagers for the night time rallies, favor with man during the school day, and many other requests. God saw fit to answer.

The in-school competition was intense. We were pushed to our limits with the three team format. Each team captain organized and led one hundred and twenty teenagers. We had free reign of the whole building. One of my team captains rode a school bus with one of the drivers that we were witnessing to during lunch. He was also the lead custodian for the senior high building.

The superintendent thanked us for coming. The principal and assistant principal repeatedly thanked us for working with their teenagers. The team went to the sectionals volleyball game and the sectionals football game. We were loud in cheering and ran the cheering for the stands. During the football game the assistant principal was so thankful for the cheering and excitement, that he asked if we could stick around an extra week to help his team win. At half-time my team was invited to the hospitality room. The hospitality room is where the school board, coaches, superintendent, principal, and assistant principal, among other school officials go during half time to talk and eat chili. God’s hand was evident while at the game. Each one of the key football players thanked us for cheering so loud. They never heard the fans get so excited. A few of the players came out to the evening rallies and got saved.

We had a great week in Linton, Indiana and we look forward to returning there again soon.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher (@MichaelFisherJr) is an evangelist out of Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA. Formerly, Mike helped pioneer our public school program, Real Character, before launching out on his own. Mike, his wife, Beth, and their growing family travel the country in evangelism.