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The Real Character team was encouraged by our week in Red Oak, Iowa. The Lord opened many doors. Pastor Gary Walter was a joy to work with both leading up to and during the event. The week started off with dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Those attending included the Highschool principal and select members of the student counsel along with our team. At 8:00 Thursday morning, the next day, our team arrived at Red Oak High School. The in-school competition was intense. Principal Sherman, the head principal, was very involved in the competition. We deemed Friday as team spirit day. The teenagers and faculty dyed their hair, painted there faces, and bought over one hundred shirts including the principal.

By the time the weekend rallies were to take place our team had already been burden for individuals as well as encouraged by the excitement and participation by the students during the day.

We had around twenty teens saved for the week and every one of the decisions had an amazing story behind it; however, one testimony sticks out concerning the week. Among those that received Christ on Saturday was a young man, I will call his name John. John came every night. He was very thankful for the team coming. At the close of the final night of our outreach John approached me. John stated to me that he had been telling a friend of his about the decision that he made for Christ. His friend expressed that he wanted to come to the nighttime events but was not able to. John’s friend also expressed that he needed and wanted to ask Christ to save him. John asked If I would be willing to come to the high school on the following day during a study hall and speak to his friend. Instead of coming into the school the following day, I encouraged John to take two tracts to school with him the next day and show his friend how to be saved. John agreed. The following day, I received a call from John and his friend. John’s friend had just been born again. They were both excited and thankful for their new found faith. John had been saved four only three and a half days and had already led his first soul to Christ. Jesus promised fruit that will remain.

We are rejoicing at what God has started in Red Oak, IA and we look forward to hearing updates in the days ahead.

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Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher (@MichaelFisherJr) is an evangelist out of Victory Baptist Church in Chester Springs, PA. Formerly, Mike helped pioneer our public school program, Real Character, before launching out on his own. Mike, his wife, Beth, and their growing family travel the country in evangelism.