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In 2013, the team’s last War of Special Forces of the year was the week before Thanksgiving at Eagle Heights Baptist Church. I remember that the last night we had freezing rain and sleet. For some reason we attempted to play one of the games outside. When we returned this year, the youth director told me that whenever he is with those young people who were in the youth group at that time, they bring up that night and the memories they made! He also stated that after the War of Special Forces in 2013, more were saved after the team left! That was a blessing to hear.

Throughout the week we had several visitors. This week we were burdened because many visitors heard the Gospel, but did not respond. Several were there multiple nights. Please pray the Gospel seed will stay in their hearts, be watered and eventually bring forth harvest.

On Wednesday night there were two students at the Christian school who responded to get saved. One was new that week and the other had been there a short time. It was great to see them get their salvation settled.

During the last night, one young man exhorted the unsaved teens at the end of the testimony with these words. I have left his words in his vernacular.

“You’re either going to have eternal happiness with the Lord or you can just spend eternity in a…in a pit filled with fire and brimstone. So you’ve gotta make the choice and you gotta make it as soon as possible cuz no one knows, only the Lord knows. No one on earth knows when you’re gonna die or what’s going to happen tomorrow. So you’ve got to make the choice so if you DO die tomorrow, then you’ll know where you’ll go.”

Another young lady testified of her learning to trust the Lord.

“God really talked to me this week and really spoke to me. On Sunday night God really convicted me that I hadn’t been trusting Him fully and I had just been thinking that, ‘I can do this.’ You have to trust God and you have to realize that He is the only One that can do anything. . . I finally made the decision that I’m not going to be scared. I’m going to go walk down the aisle and just give my all to Him. And so He really worked in me!”

The final night we did have some teens deal with assurance or salvation and another young man who wasn’t sure he was saved because of sin in his life. He went home and got right with his parents. His team captain texted him, “Did you talk to your parents?” He responded, “Yes, thank you, I feel much better now.”

We thank the Lord for all He did at Eagle Heights. May the Lord continue to work!

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Jim Van Gelderen

Jim Van Gelderen

Dr. Jim Van Gelderen is president of Minutemen Ministries, vice-president of Baptist College of Ministry, and evangelist out of Falls Baptist Church. He and his wife, Rhonda, travel the country in evangelism. They have three daughters.