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The last time The War was at Leon Valley Baptist Church in San Antonio was during the 25th anniversary tour in 2009. We were excited about returning and working with Pastor Forrest Jones and their new youth pastor, Ian Lewandowski. The church was very well prepared and asking God to use the team and especially their teens during the week.

We had a great time in our rallies. Things were epic all week long; especially spoke tackle! There were more hard hitting tackles in one week than I think I’ve seen in a while. During the preaching and invitations, God worked all three nights. The first night, a good number of teens responded. I talked to a young man named Nathaniel as I was following up with his decision. As we talked about what he had done, his eyes brimmed up with tears. For the duration of the conversation, he was on the edge of weeping for joy.

On Friday, Alex invited a young lady named Isabella with her friends in a neighborhood nearby. On Saturday, Isabella came out with her sister. God worked in her heart and during the invitation both she and her sister responded and trustued Christ.  On Sunday, Isabella came out again, but this time she brought her little brother and another sister. During the invitation, her sister was struggling with going back. Isabella leaned over to her and whispered, “You should go.” That night, both her sister and her brother got saved. On the final night, Isabella returned, this time bringing two friends who also trusted Christ before the night was through. Praise God for the power of multiplication! May He do it again!

Over the three nights, we had 97 teens present and 24 saved. A lot of hard work and prayer went into the week. God continues to teach me that the Lord blesses simple faith and dog-hard work. Praise the Lord for those dynamics that were present in the good folks at Leon Valley!

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Bobby Bosler

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