The War. Maybe you heard the name mentioned by a pastor or a youth pastor. Maybe adults in your church were reminiscing about it. Maybe someone called you about scheduling one. Maybe one of your teens attended it somewhere and was telling you about it.

Some of them probably talked about the mud pit, or the big ball, or spoke tackle, or the many teens saved.

People seem to be talking about The War, but what is it?

The War is a teen competition.

The War is a three-night competition for teens that features camp-style competitions that pit the Army and the Navy teams against each other.

The team brings with them all the equipment and experience needed to run this full-scale outreach event for the teens of your community.

Prior to the event, two days are dedicated to inviting teens from the community. It is not uncommon to invite over 300 teens each week.

The War is an evangelistic tool.

The War is not the only tool God can use, but He has seen fit to use it over and over again to bring multiple thousands of teens to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ

We seek to be clear, thorough, and theologically accurate with the gospel. We have no desire to produce false converts. Your people will be the first line of offense in counseling.

Because salvation is only the beginning of the journey, we also offer counselor and discipleship training to equip your church members for long-term ministry with these teens.

The War is a faith-based ministry.

Obviously, ministry takes money and financial necessities exist. Yet we do not require a set amount to come and minister. We live by faith.

However, because that answer will not suffice some, we can suggest an honorarium of $800 to cover travel and other expenses.

The Boslers do not draw a salary from the suggested honorarium. They derive their substance from love offerings taken during adult services.


The Boslers

Evangelist Bobby Bosler was saved at a young age and raised in a Christian home. During his senior year of high school, God called him to preach and immediately burdened him to speak to teens. During his college years, God confirmed his calling into Evangelism and connected him with Minutemen Ministries.

Now, Bobby and his family (Abi, David, Eva) lead youth evangelistic campaigns each Spring and Summer, while taking time to serve at their local church each Fall season. Bobby and his family are sent from Falls Baptist Church in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Schedule The War.

Scheduling is easy. If you are interested, simply contact our scheduling department and we’ll try to coordinate dates with your calendar and ours.

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Or, if you’re the adventuresome type, here are our three next openings.

Dates Organization Location Ministry
Jan 17-22, 2018 Open The War
Jan 24-29, 2018 Open The War
Jan 31-Feb 5, 2018 Open The War

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