UPDATE: Minutemen Headquarters Progress

Jim Van GelderenMinutemen Headquarters

Recently the Planning Commission in Menomonee Falls, WI voted unanimously to recommend to the Village Board that the Colony Motel be rezoned as we requested back in December. This was a significant answer to prayer. It seems that the Village Board will vote this direction. With that hurdle cleared, we have one more big one – finances. We are grateful for the gifts that have come in thus far and it has been an encouragement. However, at this point, we still need quite a bit over $100,000 for the down payment. The purchase date is May 15, 2013. Would you make this a matter of prayer? You may know someone of means who would be thrilled to invest in a ministry geared to reaching today’s youth with the Gospel. Or it may be the Lord will provide through many smaller, but sacrificial gifts or some other way. Whatever the case, we are looking to the Lord who said to Moses, “Is the LORD’s hand waxed short?”

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Jim Van Gelderen

Jim Van Gelderen

Dr. Jim Van Gelderen is president of Minutemen Ministries, vice-president of Baptist College of Ministry, and evangelist out of Falls Baptist Church. He and his wife, Rhonda, travel the country in evangelism. They have three daughters.