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Praise the Lord for giving us a great week at Hardison Baptist Church in Byron, GA, just outside of Macon. We were with the church last in 2015, but it was under a different pastor at the time. The new pastor, Lance Buckless, had heard from his church people so much of what God had done through The War last time that when the opportunity arose to do it again, he jumped on the chance.

Hardison Baptist is in the middle of peach groves about two miles outside of town. All of the schools in the area are county schools, so recruiting was going to be a challenge if we didn’t get into the schools. But praise God — we did get into the schools. The guys spent an entire day recruiting from classroom to classroom within the JROTC department of one school, and the next day they were able to recruit all day in the other school, including three sessions in a lunch room! God gave us wonderful opportunities to invite, and the Lord was going to give us fruit from our labor.

The first night started with a decent crowd and great intensity in the competitions. Each night we grew in numbers and intensity and each night people responded to the conviction of the Holy Spirit to trust Christ as their Savior. By the end of the week, we had 83 teens attend and 22 had trusted Jesus to save them!

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