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I first met Pastor Nathan Thomas and Pastor Ian Lewandowski at Leon Valley Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX when I did The War there back in 2014. Now, they are working together as Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor, respectively, at Temple Baptist Church in North Fort Myers, FL. We had a great week!

When we arrived, I found out that, in addition to our usual role, we were also going to be ministering in the Christian school during the mornings on Thursday and Friday. Many of the young people in the school needed to be saved, so I began to lay the foundation for the gospel in the evening rallies.

In addition to some competitions, I spent those two mornings preaching primarily on sin and judgment. Though I presented the solution briefly, I did not thoroughly examine it and I did not give an invitation. Rather, my goal was to let the law plow deep. And boy did it ever!

On Saturday night, we had a smaller crowd. Most of the young people present were from the Christian school. I preached the gospel, and 15 young people responded (again, most of them from the school) to place their dependence on Christ alone to saved them! What a thrill!

One young man told me that from the time I started speaking in chapel on Thursday about the 10 commandments, he knew that he needed to be saved.

Another young man told me through tears that he’s known what he needed to do to be saved for years, but just hadn’t done it until today.

By the time Monday evening was over, 19 young people had responded with clarity and conviction to count on Christ alone to save them from sin, death, and hell! Glory to God for working in hearts!

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